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Maplestone Construction handles the entire design to installation process for
whole house renovations, major additions and exterior facelifts in the Winston-Salem area.

Major Renovations

Maplestone Construction - Licensed General Contractor for Major Renovations

Maplestone Construction handles projects of all sizes and types with the same level of excellence and customer satisfaction. Major renovations include entire exterior makeovers, removing of interior walls to provide a more open space, combining multiple rooms and repurposing the new created space, major additions like master suites, family rooms, and kitchen and dining, and outdoor rooms that open from important family areas.

Maplestone Construction understands that major renovations to your home are satisfying and exciting and at the same time are chock full of concerns to you, the homeowner. Maplestone provides a single point-of-contact who visits every job site regularly. Major renovations are complex projects with many decisions and changes. That is why we have created our own detailed process. We listen to you while managing all phases of the project and handle problems as soon as they arise.

Maplestone understands that renovating a home while you are living in it is like having your suit tailored while you are wearing it. That is why we prepare our client's house by protecting personal property, keeping dust to a minimum, cleaning and organizing our work areas daily and notifying our client of schedule changes.

Maplestone sets the pricing for your project. No ballpark figures! Steve McSwain meets with all subcontractors on-site for pricing before the project begins, so there is little guesswork involved. He develops and provides detailed budgets, pricing and job specifications before our clients agree to any work.

What we deliver to you is what we want for ourselves: exemplary design, high quality construction and top-quality project management. Major renovations are accomplished with all of the above. Our goal is to build your home and have you as a client for life.

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What We Do at Maplestone

Maplestone Construction does it all - from major residential renovations to remodeling master bedrooms, master bathrooms and outdoor spaces and sunrooms. Learn more about The Total Project from Maplestone Construction: