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Maplestone Construction's Process starts with your Wish List and
builds your personal Wish List Binder and free electronic account.

The Maplestone Construction Process

Creating Your Wish List

At Maplestone Construction we talk with homeowners starting the renovation and building process about their "Wish List." The "Wish List" is a binder for the client's personal collection of pictures, drawings, magazine clippings of ideas and dreams they have for their project when it is complete. During the discovery phase of our process we assist our clients with creating their wish list binder. This phase of our process is very important and it takes patience and time. In the end, it's worth it when homeowners see their project become reality.

Imagine your dream

Use your imagination to try and envision the new space and the layout of the space. If you have a tough time with your imagination, don't worry, this is not uncommon. Instead go to a blank sheet of paper and list what would be important for you to see in the new renovation/custom build with the most important first. Examples are more storage space, more living area, wider trim or built in bookcases. At this point put everything down on paper. Then rank each item with its level of importance. Having this wish list created prior to the first meeting is a great first step. If you have trouble and need the help call us as we are good at asking questions.

Define your wish list

Next it is time for photos and pictures. It is a perfect way to be able to express design tastes to show us exactly what you are looking for in your dream. Take pictures of spaces you like or cut out pictures from magazines to show your taste and style. This helps us come up with a couple of design layouts and get started working together.

Design from your wish list

This is when the fun really happens! We discussed what is important to you in the project, asked a lot of tough questions and viewed lots of photos. We now take all of your ideas to our designer, who puts your dream to paper. We come back with a couple of different plans or options for your review and keep working until you see your final dream on paper. How cool is that?

Shopping and hunting for your family's wishes

During our design phase we ask you to visit our trade partners and suppliers to start the selection process. This is important for our clients because they begin to put dollars with their wish list and it helps establish a price baseline for our estimate.

Estimate your wish list renovation

This is when the work gets started! We take our design, your wish list, your pictures and our process notes to create our detailed line item estimate. This is a critical process because establishing the estimate with true costs instead of allowances or guesstimate provides you with a realistic budget for your dream project.

Your schedule

Once our estimate and design our complete we plan the project and critical meetings with a detailed schedule. Our detailed schedule lays out trades, material deliveries, client deadlines and client updates and general communication meetings. Our scheduled meetings and financial updates our important to keep stress level low and fun level high.

Your Maplestone contract

Once our estimate and design our complete we move to the contract phase. We create a detailed scope of work so that expectations for us and you are understood. Then the heavy lifting begins.

Making Your Wish List Binder

Use this form to set up your own online login for electronic file transfer for your Wish List Binder.

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