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Maplestone Construction offers customer-satisfying General Contractor Services and
a Homeowner Punch List home maintenance and protection plan.

Total Preventive Home Maintenance Program

Maplestone makes home ownership easy!

You do it for your car and your teeth, why not for your largest investment? Maplestone offers an annual service program to take the guesswork out of home maintenance. Our Total Preventive Home Maintenance Program will keep your home in top operating condition. Twice a year we will come by to inspect and repair key items to help prevent inconvenient and costly emergency repairs. When scheduling each service, you can also email us your honey-do list of things you want fixed or changed. Here are some of the items we have on our Total Preventive Home Maintenance Checklist.

  • Check your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Check and maintain proper drainage around home;
  • Inspect and repair caulk around ceramic tile in kitchen and bath;
  • Inspect and repair shower caulking for proper water seal (use silicon caulk).
  • Service heating and air conditioning systems (inspect pans and overflow for standing water);
  • Inspect roof, valleys, and gutters. Look for proper water drainage and remove debris;
  • Inspect exterior doors. Adjust weather stripping as needed;
  • Inspect and lubricate door hardware and lock sets;
  • Inspect and repair exterior caulking at windows, doors, and siding;
  • Drain and refill water heater.
  • Inspect and repair drywall cracks;
  • Inspect and lubricate garage door tracks;
  • Inspect exterior paint. Repaint as needed.
  • Another sampling from our Maintenance Punch List Service
Gutters & Downspouts

It is very important to clean gutters, downspouts and French drains frequently throughout the Spring and Fall to prevent build up of pollen, leaves and other debris. Neglected gutters can lead to wood rot, pest infestations, wet basements and crawl spaces, footing and foundation damage and other expensive issues. Check your grade around the house to ensure water drains properly. Poor drainage can cause damage to foundations, driveways and walkways.

Chimney & Fireplaces

Call a professional to inspect and clean your chimney at a minimum every three to five years. Fireplaces that are regularly used during the season should have an annual cleaning to prevent dangerous chimney fires. Also, make sure that your chimney cap and screen is connected. You can use a pair of binoculars to inspect from the ground. It is important to test your fireplace flue at the end of season for a tight seal when closed.

Garden Hoses

While getting ready for the winter, travel around your home to disconnect all hoses and store the hoses away for the winter. This is easy to overlook but a frozen hose can bust and flood crawl spaces or finished basements. By the time you notice you have significant water damage and a large water bill. At the least you will save yourself a $200 to $300 expense to have a plumber repair.

Total Preventive Home Maintenance

A one-stop shop for busy homeowners!

Whether you need to maintain or get your home ready to put on the market we can handle the job.
This is a frequently-requested service and Maplestone provides the solution.

When we're working a project many homeowners often ask for quick fixes around the house. Our TPHM Service is for existing clients and any homeowner looking around their house and feeling overwhelmed by the growing repair list that needs to be done.

Maplestone Construction works with homeowners to establish a "punch list," which is a list of tasks or to-do items for around the home. We will coordinate schedules to have work completed in one or two visits, instead of multiple visits.

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