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Energy Performance

How Do I Know if My House Needs Energy Updates?

Maplestone Construction is certified by the Building Performance Institute. This is a top level certification about building science which uses higher standards for construction, performance, comfort, air sealing, air quality than the building code. Through a strategic partnership with ENERGY TRIBE we have become an innovative provider of energy efficiency solutions for both businesses and homeowners. We help you achieve optimal comfort and savings year round while reducing energy waste.

Energy Performance Pitfalls - Maplestone Always Checks Each!

Windows: If your window frames or sills are rotting, your windows need replaced. I have used something as simple as a screwdriver to tap the frame to test the softness of the wood. Storm windows also need to be checked. Many times we see a client's property with storm windows half opened or with excessive caulking which promotes wood rot. Not to mention that broken and non functional storm windows creates bad curb appeal.

Roofs and Shingles: If your shingles are blistered, curled or split, it's time to replace. Other indicators are: loose or missing shingles throughout the roof; exposed/rusted nails; and excess granules from shingles in your gutters. The excessive amount shingle granules in the gutters, means the shingle coating is wearing away. Other areas that need to be maintained on your roof are flashing details around chimneys, vent pipes and sky lights.

Attic Insulation:The attic is the most neglected area of the home besides the crawl space. It's for storage and that's it. The attic needs proper insulation for all of your storage and for proper HVAC control. So head up and measure the depth of the blown-in insulation. All homes need to have a minimum of 16" to 18" of blown insulation, which would equal an insulation rating of a R - 38. Most attics we see have less than half of that or missing insulation all together. Think of all of the heating and cooling escaping the home.

Comfort: Are there areas or rooms in your house or business that never seem to have a regulate temperature. In the winter a specific area is always colder that other parts or in the summer a specific area is always hotter that other parts. Your HVAC seems to run continuously or energy expenditures are extremely high at the peak seasons.

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